Thursday, 6 August 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ...

mirror above a chest with drawersLarge wardrobes arranged to one another can overwhelm a room especially if they are not built-in.

Although these wardrobes are not that deep I wanted to break up the front and put a chest of drawers in their midst. The chest is an old IKEA one which I painted a light grey to make it fit in smoothly. I removed the original wooden knobs and added the same metal knobs I had already used for another wardrobe in the same room.

The mirror with its sheet silver plated frame I had bought quite a while ago. I really like this mirror but at first I couldn't find a good place for it. Above the chest it looks perfectly - at least in my opinion - although it may be a bit too large. The mirror reflects the light from the opposite window and makes this corner bright and friendly.

I will re-arrange this room completely in the next few weeks. Actually these wardrobes should go, but I fancy this arrangement and I'm still considering to keep it somehow – maybe somewhere else in the house.

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