Sunday, 12 July 2009


As long as not stated otherwise all my photos and graphics as well as my writing are protected by copyright law. No duplication, reproduction, copying or republishing without written permission. Basically.

BUT - You may well use anything of my stuff in your blog, as long as you give me proper credit and as long as you link back to my blog.

If you don't do that, you're a copycat. Then this will come into effect:
To all potential copycats: I regularly check the web for illegal copies of my work. And I can turn damn nasty, if I do find anything!

I reserve the right to request the removal of any of my stuff at any time without explanatory statement. This may happen in particular, if you don't respect the primary rule, that the dignity of every living creature (man and beast) is inviolable. You know what that means.

If in doubt, please ask me at molly(at) It doesn't hurt :-)

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