Monday, 20 July 2009

Reusable 'Swiffers'

Swiffer AlternativeThere are some sewing patterns available on the web for reusable dusters similar to the swiffer system. I wanted to give it a try but couldn't get some appropriate microfiber fabric.

So I was gladly surprised when I'd been to my drugstore last week to find a ready made reusable system at a very low price. The dusters are washable on a hot cycle (60°C).

I tried them now and they are great, much better than the original or imitated swiffers. There is just one drawback: the handle is very flimsy. Then I remembered that there still was an original swiffer handle in my closet and I tried this.

The original swiffer handle is much more sturdy than the drugstore's one but its forks are wider and have additional 'ears'. I've cut these ears flush with the forks and sanded them down. Although it's quite a bit tight the swiffer forks fit into the drugstore dusters now et voila - I've got the best of both systems!

For Germany: These reusable 'swiffers' are from dm!

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