Monday, 20 July 2009

Relaxing in Style

modern Cat Bed Wickerunusual Cat Bed crownIf you are living in a modern setting and if you are fed up with either kitschy or cheap pet's beds than you should have a look at this: This small company has designed an exceptional range of cat's and dog's beds. Every item is hand made by skilled crafts people in Germany and only high-quality materials such as wool felt, leather, rattan and select fabrics are used.
But not only are these beds and cushions gorgeous, they were also designed with the pet's and the owner's needs in mind. The filling is optimized for pets, all cushion covers can be washed.

Most items are available internationally, just look at their website under info>sources of supply.

My favourites are the Rondo and the Crown. Have a look at the company's references ;-)

(All photos in this post are copyrighted by pet-interiors)
modern Cat Bed Rondo
elegant Dog Bed

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