Monday, 20 July 2009

Cats & Candles – Safety First!

Candles in Hurricane Lamps
Years ago my tomcat Dadamännchen suddenly jumped on the table when we were sitting there with some lit candles. As he was looking for a way to get off the table again his tail stroke one of the candle flames. At the moment the cat's tail was aflame. Thank God I was able to react immediately and struck off the flames from his tail with my hands.

This all just took a spit-second and I'm sure my tomcat hardly realised anything. But the tips of his hair were all burnt and I don't want to imagine what else could have happened.

Since that day I'm only using candles in hurricane lamps – outside and inside the house. Most of the hurricane lamps available at best could withstand a gentle breeze, they are way too low. I need higher ones, at least as high as a cat ;-). Heavy glass vases are a good alternative.

The hurricane lamps on the table come from a florist's shop. Those on the floor in fact are vases from IKEA from their Bladet series. These come in different heights, the highest being 65 cm (25 inches). IKEA has matching candles at reasonable prices too. But look at the candle's colours. These do not always match among one another.

Big Glass Vases used as Hurricane Lamps

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