Thursday, 16 July 2009

A German Invention: Mülltrennung

waste separation below and above the sinkI'm not sure whether it really is a German invention. But here it is organized in such detail that it could be: waste separation. Although the environmental idea behind it is fine, in fact it's a huge and very profitable business for some companies with the consumers paying the excessive bill.

In daily life you have to store several bins in which to put all the stuff. One for plastics, metal and coated cardboard ('yellow' waste because the official garbage bins for this are yellow), one for glass bottles, one for paper, one for bio-waste and one for all the rest (the smallest one).

My kitchen is small and I didn't want to spent more space for waste collection than that under the sink. After some trials and errors I came across this solution, which is working quite well.

Under the sink I have a larger container for the yellow waste and a small one for the non-recyclable. On the counter top next to the sink stands a small bucket for bio-waste that goes on my compost heap at least once a day.

Paper and bottles were the biggest problem because they have to be delivered to huge consolidated containers a few blocks away (by environmental unfriendly car!). I extended my waste collection place into the entry hall and put a large basket with lids and handle just opposite the kitchen door. It's easy to reach and easy to take away. And after having painted the dark basket weave with some light grey colour it looks nice too.

Added August 08, 2009: If you are a native English speaker living in Germany and need some detailed help on how to separate the waste and what to put where, you should read this post in Excellent work!

--> dieser Post in Deutsch


aiisa g said...

great idea to use the basket, it's well camouflaged as decor!

wicker storage baskets with lids said...

Wow! This looks great! I am so impressed!

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