Thursday, 16 July 2009

Kitchen Storage Space – Base & High Cabinets

More space in a kitchen base cabinetDid you ever crawl into your kitchen base cabinets to get the stuff out of the deepest corner? If so, throw out all shelves in base and high cabinets and replace them with sliding wire baskets. If you can't get those from your kitchen manufacturer or if these are too expensive, try IKEA ones from their Rationell series. These are not exactly cheap either but really sturdy. They come in different widths and possibly may fit into your cabinets. Carefully measure the inner width of your cabinet and compare it to the IKEA ones.

In a base cabinet you typically have one to two shelves whereas you can have three sliding wire baskets plus a small space at the bottom of the cabinet for baking shelves, trays, cutting boards etc.

In a high cabinet the upper sliding baskets may not be easily accessible for a small person. But shelves at this level are worse. With a sliding basket at least you can see your stuff from below ;-)

more space in a kitchen high cabinet

A simple tip on saving space in kitchen wall cabinets you'll find here.

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