Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Cool Stripes

fridge and freezer with stripes

When I had my kitchen installed in white, cream, grey and a bit of wood fridge and freezer looked quite out of place with their large brilliant white surfaces. As they are not built in I couldn't hide their doors behind cabinet doors that would have fit.
I wanted stripes on these doors. I love stripes and I can have them nearly everywhere.

The problem: if they are not made of stainless steel, household appliances are enamelled. Whichever colour you paint them later the new colour may not stick properly to the enamel. I decided to go for somehow distressed stripes that would hide real scratches if they would occur.

As with every paint job preparation takes most part of the time. I measured the doors, used a normal masking tape width as a guide, calculated the number and width of the new coloured stripes, tried to avoid the door handles sitting in the middle of a painted strip and taped the doors as accurate as possible.

Then I took some white acrylic (= water based) lacquer, stirred in a few drops of ochre to get a colour between cream and beech, took a small piece of a chunky sponge slightly dabbed into the very thin paint and dabbed the doors all the way long between the taped stripes. I did not fully cover the area with paint but left some gaps to give the stripes a broken appearance.

I mixed another batch of a slightly lighter colour and dabbed again but with more gaps. Finally I mixed a very light grey and dabbed some accents in the middle of the stripes. The masking tape was removed immediately and that's it!

striped fridge - detail

I'm keeping some paint of each batch in small jars in case I would need some for repair. But my lacquered stripes are sticking much better than I hoped they would, in ten years nothing had to be re-done.

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