Tuesday 22 February 2011

Meaty Muffins and Pralines

As mentioned earlier, my carnivore friends Mini and Leo both feed on meat. Since Mini doesn't get canned cat food anymore she's doing well. No more gastro-intestinal problems. Her fur has become extremely soft and shiny and she even has gained some weight. I'm still a bit sceptical whether this really was the cause for her problems during the last six months, but she seems to be fine now.

Mini mainly eats cooked chicken now. Without the rice but with some nutrients added which I've got from my vet. This is the same stuff I'm adding to Leo's food from the beginning on. And this makes sense. In nature, both cat and least weasel feed on the same thing: mice and voles. I'm starting to understand why canned food is so bad for cats (and maybe bad for dogs, too). It's full of carbohydrates and caramelized sugar. The first because it's cheap filling stuff, the latter because it turns the grey mush into something more appealing to the cat owner. Mice contain neither carbohydrates nor sugar apart from tiniest amounts in their stomach and gut.

So I'm cooking chicken now. Boning the cold meat is the worst of all. I'm trying to do large batches so that I don't have to do it every other day. I'll then put the cut chicken into muffin pans and freeze it. One 'muffin' equals one good serving.

Leo gets raw beef which I cut into very small pieces. These are formed to small pralines and also go into the freezer. For Leo exact measurements are crucial. He needs around 30% of his body weight in food every day. With a current weight of 108g he needs around 35g fresh meat daily. Each praline is exactly 20g of which Leo gets two.

And that's what these delicatessen look like coming fresh from the freezer.
Oops, I forgot the parsley!!!


Woolly Bits said...

urghs, das erinnert mich an meine wasserschildkroeten - die rohes rindfleisch essen mussten. wir haben tatar gekauft und zu winzigen kugeln geformt eingefroren:)) was tut man nicht alles fuer seine viecher....

HiLLjO said...

How wonderful you feed your cats so well. I'm glad your kitty's tummy is better!