Tuesday 15 February 2011

Flowers for the Lady of the House

On Sunday friends and family came over to belatedly celebrate my birthday. I've got this gorgeous flower bouquet from my very best friend. She knows that I love flowers, especially white ones. Thank you so much, G.!

Normally I would have placed the flowers on the dining table. But I can't do this now because of Leo. Instead I've put the vase in my office. Great idea! I'm spending many hours in my office daily, much more than in the living room, and this way I'm getting most out of these beautiful roses.

On Saturday I had started to prepare some food for Sunday of which I wanted to post the recipes. But Saturday night I realised that my fridge was broken. It didn't cool anymore. That's really a disaster. How can you do without a fridge? Gladly, it was cold outside, and I put all the stuff outside on the patio. Protected against wind and rain and against roaming cats which might have tried milk, butter and cheese. I also had fresh chicken for Mini in the fridge. To avoid this going bad I cooked it immediately (which I hate). So, instead of having some relaxed time for decorating the table and finishing the food, it all of a sudden became a chaos.

Posting the recipes has to wait a bit now. I'm currently trying to find spare parts for this fairly old fridge. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!

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