Tuesday 25 January 2011

Stuffing the Titles

Since a few days now it has been cold, rainy, windy – short term: ugly November weather. In January. Neither winter nor spring. It starts making me depressed. I'm not in the mood for going out of the door, a good opportunity to revamp my shops.

I've started with my Etsy-shop whose listings later I can import into Artfire. I definitely have to offer prints in smaller sizes. My idea, to offer as much of a print as possible for a given postage was not successful. Smaller prints of course are cheaper, and with the lower shipping costs from January on (see this post) it might be worth a try.

In addition, I need to re-do my listing titles and to check the descriptions for 'banned' words in order to improve my appearance in Google searches.

The resizing of my pictures turned out to be quite time consuming because of all the different width-to-height-ratios of the different standard sizes. I hate to cut off a part of a finished image just in order to squeeze it into a special format. Some images I have to re-work, some simply do not fit at all US standard sizes and I will leave those as they are.

The titles of my listings were fairly short and nice. Until I realised that longer titles, stuffed with keywords are much better brought up in searches on Etsy. That is because Etsy search is a crutch, Google doesn't like keyword stuffing at all. To overcome these two contrary requirements I've now started to set up every listing at least twice, once with a more Google-friendly title and once fully stuffed with keywords to be found in Etsy searches. I don't like these stuffed titles at all but as every listing is for a different size it doesn't even look too odd.

I started with my rabbit graphic prints – it's the year of the hare!

Sorry for the watermarks but better save than sorry!

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