Monday 3 January 2011

Shipping Costs Significantly Decreased!

Thanks to Deutsche Post, sending letters to international destinations has become much cheaper as of today.

Deutsche Post has restructured its prices for letters completely. Instead of three destinations (Germany, Europe and World) there are left only two now, national and international.

Whereas previously I had to pay €6,00 for my prints to be send to the US, today postage for this same letter (international Großbrief up to 500g) is €3,45. That really is a huge difference, isn't it? Standard letters international are €0,75 now (were € 1,70 [World] previously).

Postage within Germany is pretty much the same. Postage to European countries has slightly increased due to combining this group with the world group. But the savings for the ex-world-destinations by far outweigh this small increase. At least for me. Thank you, Deutsche Post!

I've amended all my shipping costs in both my shops, Etsy and ArtFire accordingly. See you there?

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