Sunday 16 May 2010

Hearts For Haiti - Hurry Up!

I just had a quick look into the Etsy forum. Cindylouwho2 posted that as of yesterday the Hearts for Haiti shop has raised $ 33,311.60 for Doctors without Borders!!!! Isn't that amazing??

Cindylouwho2 has also announced that those donated items not being sold will be removed from the shop as soon as they expire. The first items are going to expire today :-(

There are still more than 1,000 items in the shop for sale. Please do me a favour and check it out now, get some nice things for you or your family or friends and support the people of Haiti who still need every help we can give.

In February I presented you some of my favourite items for the home and some of my favourite jewellery.

Most of these items are still available. The coasters have gone (:-):-) - guess what?)  and so has the Sterling Silver heart necklace (the one with the small key - the embossed one is still for sale!!). All the other gorgeous pieces are still waiting for you! Remember - shipping is free!

1 comment:

cindylouwho2 said...

thanks so much for posting this - we will have items listed until the end of August unless they sell first!