Sunday 7 February 2010

Hearts for Haiti - Some of my Favourite Items

Yesterday I told you about the gorgeous HeartsforHaiti shop on Etsy. There are more than 1000 items for sale currently and every time you go there you will discover something new. At least I do.

I will show you randomly some of my favourite items. Today it is some amazing jewellery. Clicking on the pictures will lead you to the listings in the HeartsforHaiti shop directly.

An embossed Sterling Silver broken heart necklace, donated by archaic design:

A Sterling Silver knit ring with a freshwater pearl, donated by palleiko designs:

A Sterling Silver rosemary leaf necklace molded off of a real rosemary leaf, donated by Hightower Botanicals:

And finally for today another Sterling Silver hand cut heart necklace, donated by Ggestalt:

You may have realised that all these wonderful pieces are made from Sterling Silver. Yes, I love Sterling Silver! Such pieces made from it immediately get my full attention ♥

All these beauties are completely handmade. They all ship for free but, you may well contact the donators directly for insured shipping.

All HeartsforHaiti proceeds (minus fees) go to Doctors without Borders to help Haiti.

Images in this post are the property of (from top) archaicdesign, palleikodesigns, HightowerBotanicals and Ggestalt.


Twin Xl said...

Awesome collections. I like that Silver rosemary leaf necklace molded. it's looking stunning.

HB said...

Hi, glad you like my Rosemary necklace! Hearts for Haiti is a great store. They are raising so much $$$! Its amazing.