Saturday 6 February 2010

Hearts for Haiti - Fundraising on Etsy

I'm owing you this since some time already. Although it may be a good idea to bring it now with the disaster in Haiti having disappeared from the front pages already.

There are lots of sellers on Etsy donating percentages of their proceeds to help Haiti. You will find them easily, if you search for 'Haiti'.

I want to recommend warmly especially this shop to you: HeartsforHaiti.

Victoria aka exlibrishandmade had the idea and started organising this shop entirely dedicated to raise money for helping Haiti. 100% of the shop proceeds (minus Etsy and PayPal fees) go to Doctors Without Borders.

The shop is run by volunteers and all items for sale are donated by Etsy sellers from all over the world. These gorgeous sellers not only give away their items for free they also take the shipping costs. All items have free shipping and most sellers even ship worldwide.

As of 10:26pm EST 2/5/10 HeartsforHaiti has raised $27,894.81 (after fees) for Doctors Without Borders!!!

There are currently 1125 items for sale in this shop! If you are looking for something nice and want to help Haiti, you definitely should browse this shop.

There is also a very interesting blog giving some background information about the shop, its volunteers and the money transfer to Doctors Without Borders. Go and check it out!

***The heart is property of HeartsforHaiti***

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