Wednesday, 12 August 2009

My Dear Kitty Cat

basket with pearsOn re-nest there was an article about market baskets recently. Not only do they look good, they are eco-friendly and practical too when it comes to carrying fragile things like yoghurt in plastic pots, fresh eggs or a bunch of flowers.

I've always been keen on basket ware and from my very first earning half the amount went to the perfumery and the other half I invested in baskets at the nicest basket ware shop in Cologne.

So of course I got a market basket quite soon and used it for many years when shopping, with the heavy pieces like wine bottles or cat food tins on the bottom and the above mentioned fragile things on top of that. When this basket wasn't in use it was standing on the floor in a corner and Muschekatz', my beloved cat at this time, used it for an occasional cat nap.

One day, when walking back home from the supermarket, suddenly the basket crashed on the street - I only had the basket's handle in my hand. All my tins and bottles were scattered around.

Thank you Muschekatz'! My dearest cat had been chewing on the handle while resting in the basket. Over the years even this strong material couldn't withstand her little teeth.

My current basket (see picture) is a fairly wide one and even more sturdy but, nevertheless – no more cats allowed in here!

The basket with the long leather strap, pictured first in the re-nest article is one I'd like to get too. I would use it all summer long – instead of a handbag. Beautiful!

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