Wednesday 14 April 2010

Back Again - and Food for Thought

Due to a technical problem I was unable to connect to the internet for two months now. The problem isn't solved yet but, as an interim solution I'm using a surf stick now. I would have done earlier – if I would have known about this possibility.

Living without the internet - what a nightmare! I've been using it for everything. Need a weather forecast? Click on to see how far away the rain clouds are. Want to pay a bill? Click on my bank account. What was the exact name of that mock-orange with the yellow leaves? Ask Google. How much flour for that special dough? Click on my blog. The telephone number of a company? Ask the online telephone book.

I even had forgotten that there is a hard copy of a telephone book on my board and that a bank statement can be printed at the cash machine. I have lots of cookery and gardening books but, I've accustomed myself to have a quick look through my favourite sites.

Yesterday evening I used the surf stick for the first time. Since then I'm working on several hundreds of emails, have updated my ETSY shop and will go on doing so with all my other stuff. It may take quite a while and I apologise to everybody who may have been wondering where the hell I am.

But – every cloud has a silver lining. I've spent much more time in my garden and the result is fairly good. I've re-organised two rooms completely (but I did not have my blog in mind and forgot to take 'before'-photos!!!).

I'm wondering now whether it's really wise to commit so much to things like the internet. There was a life before the WWW and it wasn't bad. Back to basics? Yes - at least a little bit.

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