Sunday 13 December 2009

Birdfeeder - revised

My garden birds desperately need a new feeder! The old thing I'm using for 13 years now. No wonder that the roof has got holes and that the whole construction has become very unstable.

I've started already to built a new one - the ultimate bird feeder ;-) That kind of thing you can't buy. Because there's always something wrong with shop bought bird feeders.

But the weather forecast has announced frost and snow. Looking for a fast solution I decided to revise the old bird feeder. Put in some additional screws and covered the roof with a thick plastic sheet stapled underneath.

It looked horrible. Glaring plastic in my garden. OMG! Stapled some twine across the roof and interweaved it with ivy and some laurel.

Looks like a soldier's helmet in a manoeuvre now. But has served it's purpose. Put up yesterday afternoon, this morning flocks of hungry birds have taken possession of it.

(Giving myself a pat on the back ;-))

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