Friday 30 October 2009

In Christmas Mood already?

It's not even November. But everybody is talking about Christmas already. How are you dealing with this? For me personally Christmas doesn't start before the first Sunday in Advent. OK, if I need an Advent calendar I should go for it a few days in advance. And if I want some of these special Christmas cookies on that Sunday, I should get them the day before, too.

Selling Rocking Horses for Christmas also starts in October and so does designing invitation cards or similar for events at this time of the year.
But - to be honest, now I want to concentrate on late autumn and on misty November weather. I want to prepare my garden for winter, want to feed the small hedgehogs to help them hibernating well, want to walk through the first fallen leaves and to enjoy the few sunny days left. I want to build a new bird feeder, want to think about whether or not to buy a new winter coat and what to do with all the late apples. I want to look for mushrooms, want to smell the last roses and chocolate flowers and I want to decorate my garden table with rose hips. I want all that but not Christmas. Not yet.

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