Sunday, 19 July 2009

For the Passionate Baker ...

kitchen marble counter topIf you love baking you may have a marble slab for preparing pastry, chocolate curles etc.

I wanted a bit more than a slab and replaced some of the wooden counter top with marble. It covers two base cabinets of 60cms (
~ 24 inches) each. This is where I mainly prepare all food, no clutter allowed here!

Marble can get stained easily and is sensitive to acids. My marble supplier recommended a protective coating with HMK S 34 from Möller-Chemie (International). It does not change the marble's appearance at all. The marble feels and looks exactly the same as before. No comparison to those horrible polyester coatings in earlier days! This protection in fact has helped avoiding the worst. Over the years the marble of course has got a few etch marks and scratches now. But this is okay as these signs of wear and tear to me are signs of living.

If you go to choose marble or another stone for your counter top you will be surprised by all the different colours in which natural stone and especially marble comes along. You definitely will find something that fits your colour scheme. I wanted Carrara marble (didn't know anything else) but ended up with a white Greek one with warm grey and beige streaks.

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